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By Jed Villareal
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The first simple step for you is to put into account what suits your liking and know the cost range of what you need. There is no real sense of looking at homes which don’t suit your budget and your needs


Second, take a tab of the features you require in a home, whether it be the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a carport or a garage, formal dining room, family room and living room, and the size of the yard you’d want. These should be those things you absolutely couldn’t live without.


Have another list for your other preferences such as the number of stories you’d want, the age of the home, and other amenities such as a pool, a veranda, or a fireplace. These are those things nice to have but are not necessary requirements.


The next step is to think carefully about what neighborhoods you would like. It is most preferable for a home to be located in an up-and-coming and well-cared-for area where green is also present. Homes in other areas that might be in a state of decline may lose its value and never recover.


Consider also the crime rate in the area and know the local neighborhood crime statistics as well as accessibility to police or fire assistance. Go to the local police or sheriff’s department and gather information about the place. Also, have the knowledge of the response time for medical and emergency services in terms of distance and traffic in the area.


The next step is to take time and see as many different homes that fit your price range as you can. You can do it on your own or you can consult a real estate agent who specifies on a particular area you like. Write down as many features and important items with each home to help you remember it. Take also into consideration how your present belongings will look in each home. Will the furniture blend or match the style of the home Or will you have to spend money on new furniture Will your hobbies and social liking fit with the family room or lounge area


The seventh and last step is, take the plunge! There is absolutely nothing as rewarding than having the perfect home.


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