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By Sean F

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The real estate investing market can be a slippery and treacherous path if you don’t know what you are doing. No matter how excited you might get over the prospect of a successful real estate business, the reality of the industry might be much more different than you expect. Rather than lose your shirt on a poor financial investment, you can find ways to get motivated sellers calling you regularly.


Knowing how to find motivated sellers is far more important than anything else you will ever learn as a real estate investor. You need a constant flow of motivated sellers. If you focus on the motivated sellers instead of wasting time with people who aren’t even motivated, you will see better success.


When you change your business to focus on this important fact, you will be more likely to succeed. How can you find these motivated sellers and appeal to them? The answer is simple: marketing.


When you accept your role as a marketer, you will see a faster increase in profits and success. You need to market your business and you need to market your experience. Answer the common problems of your sellers and help them solve their issues. The business that has the best marketing strategies in your local area is the one that will dominate the market, every time.


Look at other companies that you frequently do business with. Is the pizza at Domino’s that good? Not really. But they have a superior marketing strategy and millions of people have flocked to their restaurants for years. Why do people choose Domino’s versus the local pizza guys? Domino’s has better marketing strategies!


In addition to your marketing, you will need to back up your statements with great plenty of valuable solutions for your sellers.


How can you spend your time wisely and execute the best marketing strategy possible? The first step towards superior marketing is by taking a targeted and low-cost approach towards reaching your future sellers. Look towards a variety of media venues to reach your motivated sellers. For example, you can invest in online marketing, television, radio, signs, direct mail marketing, flyers and more. With all of your direct marketing, you want to position yourself as the expert in the industry. Sellers will come to find you and what your business offers. A successful targeted marketing campaign will have your company inundated with marketing leads and future sales.


You need to think of creative marketing approaches to ensure your business stands out from the competition. What sets your business apart? Think about what makes you unique and publicize this through your targeted marketing strategy. You can find ways to execute your marketing campaign in a way that doesn’t cost your business a fortune. By spending less money on your marketing, your business will be profitable earlier.


Ensure that your targeted marketing campaign works. Here are some common elements that you need to have in every targeted marketing campaign:

– The answers to a common problem for your sellers
– Precise, specific instructions on how your business will solve their problem
– A strong marketing message
– A captivating headline that grabs your target market.


By placing these elements in all of your direct mail marketing, print campaigns, flyers and online marketing campaigns, you will catch the attention of your motivated sellers. They will see how your business can help them and will reach out for your business on a consistent basis.


Push your real estate investing business to the highest level of success when you execute a great marketing strategy. Let your business grow exponentially when you find more and more motivated sellers clamoring to do business with your company. Enjoy more success with a strong networking base of motivating sellers today.
Sean Flanagan went from dead broke, to a self made real estate multimillionaire in under 2 years time. He now shares his secrets with thousands of students across the country. also Visit his Blog:

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