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Saturday, October 27, 2007

By Steve Majors


“98% of the millionaires in this country made it through Real Estate Investing”, words that inspire millions to get involved in real estate investing, yet lack that special ‘secret ingredient’… The one thing that explains HOW to make those millions in real estate investing… So, just what is it that the millionaires of real estate investing know that you don’t?


Here is the key to making fortunes in real estate investing, or simply continuing to struggle aimlessly… The key to real estate investing riches is not in the latest technique, method or system. The key to real estate investing is in patience and research, monitoring the marketplace for a special event’… Something ‘big’ in the marketplace that triggers rapid growth in the real estate investing market.


Such big indicators as;

– new major employment moving into the area
– a new factory (manufacturing)
– sales center (like a large outlet mall)
– entertainment (like a casino)


All trigger worthy examination as ‘events’ in real estate investing. Other events that affect your real estate investing include sporting arenas, theme parks, even a new airport on the ‘outskirts’ of town… All merit further investigation because they trigger fluctuation in the real estate investing marketplace.


When such events occur, there is a sudden rise in the demand for affordable housing in the area, rapidly affecting the real estate investing market. Not only will the workers at the ‘event’ location need homes, there is also a need for housing from others – ‘customers’ that simply want to be near this new location.


As the ‘support’ base grows for this ‘event’, the need for additional housing grows as well. You see, the ‘base’ also needs support – from food stores to shopping centers to car dealers and utility companies – the whole thing just grows and grows! By now you understand that such ‘events’ hold extreme value in the real estate investing cycle.


In fact, following such ‘events’ is the primary key to the number of millionaires that have made their fortunes through real estate investing. When you monitor these events and take advantage of them early, you grow your wealth very quickly.


This is the simple, secret key to real estate investing wealth.

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