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Written by Phill Grove

While these real estate jokes were anything but intentional, we thought we’d light up your day with a little humor in the field.  From bad postings, unthinkable descriptions, and a realtors promotional video bloopers, these real estate jokes can be appreciated by any one in the industry.  Just remember good marketing and a copywriter go a long way.  You’ll see what I mean.


Real Estate Jokes | Bad Copy

One thing that you’ll really want to pay close attention to in real estate is what kind of copy (or descriptions) you are putting out there to promote and potentially sell your properties.  That being said, I recently stumbled upon a priceless list of real estate listings from the Montgomeryville-LansdalePatch that really show why its important to double, no triple check your listings before publishing them.  Check out these hilarious real estate jokes:


Shower with multiple heads  (That and Psycho will scare me out of the shower)


Inclusions: Four custom made brown stools  (Yuck! No thanks, I’ll pass.)


Fat developing area  (Is there a Weight Watchers nearby?)


Three full bedrooms  (What does a half bedroom look like?)


Full frontal and rear landscaping  (Hmm… let’s not go there)


Heater with new boils  (Sounds painful)


Seller is motivated – doesn’t like the area  (TMI, TMI)


Big lard in back of house  (Is that included with the sale?)


Freshly stained bathroom  (Will the seller clean that before settlement?)


Five bedroom house with Jacuzzi tub, great for parties  (What kind of house is this?)


Large walk in closet and hanging area  (Lethal injection seems more humane)


Stable neighborhood, avoid sinkhole  (Must be a stable sinkhole)


Big fenced in yard with kennel and sandbox for the kids  (Good for when you can’t find a babysitter).


Large in-ground heated poo.  (Sounds like an environmental hazard.)


A sinking living room.  (Does that go along with sinking house values?)


Will smell fast!  (The Realtor must be stinky too.)


Oak bra with brass accents.  (Sounds terribly uncomfortable.)


Good property for investigators.  (Why? Are there bodies buried in the yard?)


Owner evacuated – will consider all offers.  (Talk about your fire sale.)


Near hopping area.  (Are we talking rabbits or kangaroos?)


Seller will not pay for any introspections.  (Gee, and I’ve been feeling a little

conflicted lately.)


This house is a real germ!  (Got hand sanitizer?)


Kitchen with trash contractor.  (In case you need your garbage remodeled.)


I’m sure these were not supposed to be real estate jokes, however these reallycracked me up.  As a real estate agent, marketing is your main goal, that is how you will sell houses, these real estate jokes show just how important it is to check your copy before you send it to the presses.


Real Estate Jokes | A Funny Real Estate Promo Add

Now this guy is the unintentional king of real estate jokes.  Watch as YouTube sensation John Hill ruins through, excuse me runs through a script to promote himself as a real estate agent.  These real estate jokes give him the win by personality alone.


Poor John just couldn’t seem to get these lines down, well at least he looked like he was having a lot of fun in the process.  While this never made it to the cutting board, these are some priceless real estate jokes.


Real Estate Jokes | Have Fun!

Its never a good idea to take ourselves or our jobs too seriously.  That’s not to say that we shouldn’t strive to be the best, but people enjoy personality, thats why real estate jokes like this are all in good fun and at the expense of no one, we are all human.

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