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By: Denton Ward
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Did you know the wealthiest 1% of families owns roughly 34% of the nation’s net worth?


Do you find this astonishing? How about incredible? However you look at it, its certainly true; and for good reason.


The wealthy and most successful people in the United States don’t follow crowds or media headlines. These wealthy individuals purchase investments when everyone is selling, and sell those same investments when everyone else begins to buy. They are not conformists, they are pioneers. How do you make your investment decisions?


“Opportunity investors,” those who purchase discounted investments knowing there is always a rebound, are currently investing in real estate because they know “there are deals to be had.”


“The way to make money is to buy when blood is running on the street.” ~ John D. Rockefeller


Real Estate builders across the U.S. are well below their annual sales of last year. They have a huge excess of inventory. Opportunity investors understand that when the builders have excess inventory these builders must discount their properties to move their product.


Financing for the “healthy investor” is still readily available and interest rates are still good. As well, the mortgage meltdown has created fewer buyers. So, if there are fewer people buying then that would mean there are more renters, right?


Opportunity investors have placed themselves in markets hit hard by falling real estate prices. Successful investors buy low and sell high. Although some housing markets may see more declines in price valuations, buying today at the bottom, or close to it, will maximize your returns when the market turns around as it always does.


More importantly, the wealthy understand that slight dips in their short term profits are not important when compared to the long term benefits. Now is the time to follow the pioneers. Learn from those that are more successful than you and consider buying investment properties like the pioneers and opportunity investors.


The wealthiest people in the nation understand the simple economics and strategies to generating wealth. Buy low and sell high! Buy investments when everyone isn’t, and sell when everyone wants them. This certainly sounds clich√©, but it cannot be more true than it is today in the nation’s housing market.


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