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By David Cole

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Were you aware you can legally combine your IRA with your Spouse’s IRA and have 100% check book control


Wouldn’t that open up more real estate opportunities for you


Today’s economy may be all doom and gloom on the evening news but for real estate investors it’s a rare golden opportunity.


Right now I have seen bank owned properties in the Midwest as low as $30,000 (lots of them)


If you had the combined power of all of your retirement monies you could pick up one or two of these, sell them via an installment note, season the note with twelve months of payments and sell the note.


The banks are running scared and it’s pulling teeth to get a loan.


So what, it’s just another opportunity for the astute investor with a real estate friendly retirement plan. You could provide private money loans fully secured by free and clear real estate which will earn you a juicy 12-15% on your money.


Regardless of what type of opportunities appeal to you the key to success is saying goodbye to your IRA’s.


Why – Because of the restrictive and suffocating laws governing IRAs.


For example;

You can’t legally combine your IRA with your spouse’s IRA.


You can’t borrow money from your IRA or loan it money from yourself.


You can’t invest your personal cash into the same property as your IRA.


Don’t despair, there is good news!


A couple of years ago Congress approved the final version of the self administrated (SA) Defined Contribution (DC) plan.


As a real estate investor if you are serious about applying your experience and skills to building massive wealth in your retirement plan, you need to work with a professional who can structure not only a real estate friendly self administrated

Defined Contribution but a plan that has the right features for your situation.


Are you sick and tired of being told everything you can’t do with your IRA Would you like to work with someone who can say YES here is how you can do that! Then go to my web site to learn how all of this is possible…



If you would like to take advantage of the market and learn how to invest in real estate and you are local to the Dallas Fort Worth area, I know a really great teacher and mentor here in Arlington Texas. Please take a look at his web site:, Dennis has a great Mentoring and training program, I know because I am one of his former students. I learned a lot from his one on one teaching technique. – Michael Harman 817-457-7572

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