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by: Peter Vekselman
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There is so much information to learn about real estate investing. Getting into real estate investing can be a scary thought these days. However, if you do your research, find the right neighborhood, and decide what your real estate investing strategy will be, investing in real estate can be a very profitable adventure.


Buyers are afraid to take the plunge these days, but preparation and education will ease those fears. We have 3 Key Steps that will help you proceed with undeniable success:


1) Education – A real estate mentor or coach is a must. Before getting into the real estate game you must educate yourself. You will do yourself a huge injustice if you do not understand the strategy behind investing. Get yourself a great real estate coach or mentor. Getting great direction will make it less intimidating as you begin your venture.


2) Research – This is where your strategies are developed. Your coach or mentor can assist you in researching properties, the right areas to buy, the comparative rents in the area, the cash flow potential, and so much more. This insight will help you in putting together a more lucrative deal.


3) Quality not Quantity – Another benefit of a mentor or a coach is to teach the difference between buying 7 houses at the market value because they are move-in ready and buying 3 houses that may need rehab, but have thousands of dollars in equity. Quality not Quantity.


Do not get trapped as many new investors today find themselves with a negative cash-flow situation, meaning the rent does not cover their costs. Investors must be prepared financially to cover any such shortfall or risk losing the property if they can not foot the bill. Unfortunately, a debilitating problem many recent investors saddled with properties they expected to flip for a fast profit.


Peter Vekselman has been successfully investing in real estate since 1996. He has completed over 1000 real estate deals, owned a construction company, been a private lender, and owned a property management company. Peter currently works with clients all over the US .


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