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By Jason Hanson
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Often when I am reviewing deal evaluation forms for other people, they fax me forms with questions that have been left blank. When you are on the phone with a seller get ALL of the information filled out so you can properly evaluate the deal. You don’t want to have to end up calling back the seller asking more questions because it will make you seem amateurish (remember we are the pros, that is why we dominate our competition). One of the most common questions that people don’t like to answer is “What is your mortgage balance” People will tell you it’s none of your business or that they don’t feel comfortable giving you that information.


Here is the script that I use when someone doesn’t want to give me their mortgage balance information. “Mr. Seller, in order for our company to give you the most money and the best solution for your property, we need that information. It allows us to properly evaluate the property and give you the highest offer. (then I am completely silent and usually people will say okay and give me their information).


If someone still won’t give it to me, then I say “Mr. Seller, you do want to sell your house quickly and easily don’t you……then I need your mortgage information to give you the best offer.” If they still refuse then I tell them that our company will not be able to help them.


You have to remember that the name of the game is motivation. Someone who will not tell you their mortgage balance is not truly motivated. People who are motivated will tell you anything in the world, if you can help them get out of their situation.


So make sure and always get every question on the form answered and don’t waste your time with unmotivated prospects who aren’t willing to give you the necessary information.
Jason R. Hanson is the founder of National Real Estate Investor Month, author of “How to Build a Real Estate Empire” and mentor to students all across America. For more information on Jason’s one-on-one mentoring program with 110% money back guarantee, call 800-865-1702 or visit


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