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By Omar Johnson

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To find motivated sellers you have to look for them in the right places. It’s sort of like fishing you want to go where the fish are biting and once you have discovered where they are biting you want to have the right bait on your line so that you can hook them and reel them in.


But first you must understand the mindset and characteristics of a motivated seller and what are the reasons that make them motivated to sell in the first place Here are a few of those characteristics.


1) They desperately need to sell due to circumstances.
2) They are looking for a quick solution to their problems.
3) They are not afforded the time or don’t have the money to sell their house the traditional way.
4) You are possibly their last hope to alleviate their burden.


Let’s face it a big chunk of your success as a real estate investor will be based on your ability to distinguish between the motivated seller and the non-motivated seller. The non-motivated seller you want to stay far away from because they will only waste your valuable time, frustrate you and leave you wondering if the real estate business is really for you.


You will never convince a non-motivated seller to turn into a motivated seller unless you are willing to pay retail prices for their house. So it is imperative that you quickly and efficiently screen your sellers to determine if they are motivated or not.


Some of the questions that you should ask in the screening process are the following


Would you sell your house for what you owe on it


If the seller answers yes to this question they are truly motivated and you should be able to get a free house by taking over the debt or almost free house with debt plus some cash given to the seller.


Would you let me buy your house by taking over the payments


If the seller answers yes to this question they are truly motivated and you should be able to offer as a solution a lease option or some type of owner financing subject to deal.


I’m a real estate investor and I am in the business of making a profit so I can’t pay retail prices for houses. Do you have a problem with that


If the seller answers no to this question that they don’t have a problem, they are truly motivated and after some negotiation you will be able to get their property at a substantial discount.

Are you willing to accept some creative financing terms that will allow me to purchase your house


If the seller answers yes to this question they are truly motivated and you should be able to craft an offer and close a deal that involves some type of owner financing.


In conclusion, as a real estate investor you will save yourself a lot of frustration by identifying and ascertaining whether or not your seller is truly motivated. Always remember that a motivated seller is someone that needs to sell.
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