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By: Charles And Kim Petty

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When you buy and sell properties, you not only become an active member of the real estate market, but you also contribute to the community as a whole. Your actions are an important link in the chain that binds the entire community together and also lays the foundation stone for future generations.


As countries continue to grow and demand rises for new homes, apartments, farm houses, business premises, etc, you might see an opportunity to step in the real estate market, in order to book your profits. If you stand back to observe the larger picture, then you might be pleasantly surprised to see that growth in a particular area means that there will be a creation of new homes and business, new schools for children, new jobs created for not only those related to real estate, such as brokers and attorneys, but also others. Malls that rise up will require retail employees, restaurants that pop up will require cooks and waiters, and so on. For governments, new communities mean an increase in their tax collections that help them to form new municipalities, councils, etc. In essence, you are not only buying or selling a structured shell, but in fact are starting a process, where people can work, relax, shop and in general improve their quality of life.


There is a downside in this development too, if the community does not develop in an ideal atmosphere. Thus, you can also find high levels of traffic concentration and congestion leading to increased pollution, high levels of crime, over-crowding of schools and prisons and very few recreational areas, where people can relax and enjoy themselves. This could even be a result of lopsided growth policies followed by successive governments. There could also be some opposition from a section of society that might resist turning green lands into concrete jungles. While some might want to restrict the construction of new buildings, there could be others that might not want any construction at all. Therefore, the key is to achieve the right balance of growth combined to ensure that the cycle of nature is not disturbed to an unrecoverable extent.


The development of any community will depend on the various facilities that come up in a particular neighborhood. An ideal community requires a perfect blend of homes, schools, hospitals, malls, gardens, etc. The value of the home will therefore also depend on the accessibility of all the various necessities and luxuries that are near that home. Similarly, for an office to garner a good value, it will require to be in the midst of the local business district with easy access to transport, couriers, fax, Internet, etc.


The key to well-planned development and better communities lies in better planning. This planning has to be done, before a single stone is laid for any construction. By segregating work on residential and recreational areas, it is possible to encourage growth that will result in benefiting the entire community. Increased competition in real estate will ensure that the end customer gets a better piece of real estate at competitive rates and this could benefit the entire community. Thus, by investing in real estate, you have actually lent a hand in the development of the entire community. Pockets of such communities, when linked together, are actually what takes a progressive neighborhood forward.
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