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By: Teo Z.

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Buying rental property is an important long term investment and you have to know your facts before you jump into it. Find out how you can become the proud landlord of a profitable rental property now.


Make Sure You Buy a Rental Property that You Can Afford


One important difference between buying rental property and other types of investment is that you will most likely be taking a loan to pay for it.


When it comes to choosing a rental property, never bite off more than you can chew. If you are a first landlord, it’s always a good idea to start small so that you can afford to make mistakes along the way.


Buying your rental property is not just a matter of being able to afford the down payment. You may think that your tenants will pay for the monthly mortgage, but things in real life often work out differently.


If your rental property is vacant, will your salary be able to cover the mortgage payments? When your rental property needs major repairs and maintenance, will you be able to fork out money for the bills? Always have a sum of money stashed away for rainy days and emergencies.


Choose the Right Neighbourhood for Your Rental Property


The neighbourhood of your rental property plays a crucial role in the supply and type of your potential tenants.


If you are buying rental property for low income groups, then it makes sense to find a rental home that is located near a college or industrial estate. This way you will have a steady supply of potential renters just around the corner.


Your choice of neighbourhood will have a heavy impact on your property’s vacancy rates. If your rental property is a popular hotspot for summer vacations, then you have to be prepared to go without rent for the winter months.


Choose the Right Mortgage Loan for Your Rental Property


Buying rental property means having to get your hands on a mortgage loan. The interest rates charged by your lender can vary widely depending on your credit score, income and amount of debts you owe.


There are 2 major types of rental property loans that available to landlords – Fixed mortgage loans and adjustable mortgage loans. As your mortgage loan can stretch up to 30 years, it’s crucial that you know which one is right for you.


When you have a fixed mortgage loan, you will end up paying the same interest rate for the entire duration of your loan. This makes it easier to calculate your property expenses as your monthly mortgage will be fixed. If the market interest rates are low, it’s also recommended that you go for a fixed mortgage loan to lock in the low interest rates.


Adjustable mortgage loans have interest rates that will vary during the lifetime of the loan depending on the prevailing market rates. If you are buying rental property during a period where the market interest rates are sky high, then it makes sense to go for an adjustable mortgage loan instead.


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