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By Sean Flanagan

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An important piece to your marketing puzzle needs to be testimonials. If you ever pay attention to what the best marketers in the world do, you’ll undoubtedly notice they include lot’s of testimonials in their advertising. The best way to explain this is by giving you an example


I know an investor who uses this flawlessly. The lady is a true professional in every sense of the word. She listens closely to her target markets needs and concerns and then carefully craft’s appropriate, caring responses. She does this almost effortlessly whether dealing with prospects face to face, on the phone or in print.


And here’s what she does next…


After listening to her prospects concerns and addressing them, she almost always “gets the deal”. Then, what I’ve had her do since deal #1 in her career, is take a picture of herself with the client at the closing table.


What’s so smart about this you ask


Well, to start with…sellers are always happy at the closing table. After all, they’re usually about to collect a large sum of money! So, the picture of her with the seller delivering what she promised is priceless when it comes to her next prospect. She keeps an album with her at all times of her happy customers.


I’d venture to guess that not even ½% of real estate investors in America do this. I’d go even further and say that the ½% that do this are in the top 5% of all investors when it comes to income.


You do the math and let me know which one you should be…


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