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By Charles And Kim Petty
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Usually the investors believe that buying single-home units will get them a good foothold in this particular field and they don’t have to invest a huge amount. This is outright a misconception. In a multi-unit investment, you can find more tenants and better cash flow compared to single units or homes. This, in turn, helps to pay off the mortgage on the buildings much faster. And the money which is contributed by the people for the maintenance work helps to take care of the maintenance in an easier way. As the payments made by the tenants every month come to a big amount it always gives you an opportunity to use the leftover money for reinvestment. Thus, it is better to create a strategy and contract a multi-unit property meant for many people. If you are able to increase the number of your multi-unit properties your level of income will rise and you can afford to hire the services of home management companies so your properties are well taken care of. Compared to buying individual family houses, buying multi-apartment houses seems to be more profitable from the point of view of retail, lease as well as wholesale.


There are further advantages of investing in multi-units, which will convince you better why investing in multi-units is one of the best options compared to investment in single units.


Higher cash inflow When you invest in multi-units you are able to get an access to various streams of potential income instead of just one. Let’s take an example of a 60-unit apartment community or society where you have your occupancy on almost all the sixty units and you earn sixty times more than you could have earned from a single family home. Even if you have only 50 percent occupancy you would still make more than you would have done with single-unit investments.


Services from home management companies Investing in multi-units will require recruiting someone to manage your property. There are a large number of home management companies that are always ready to respond to your request for maintenance and repair. They can prove to be helpful in getting new renters and can as well help you expel those who don’t pay rent. In this way you can save time and money as well.


Higher profit from selling Those who invest in multi-units are usually on the lookout for potential buyers to make higher profits. You may not find buyers so easily but when you succeed in finding one you stand to earn a good amount of money. Even if the property gives you only a 10 % margin you will make more money compared to selling a smaller property.


Maintenance at a single location When you invest in multi-units you have the advantage of maintaining your property at one location. This could prove to be really advantageous when you are to manage the property single-handedly. On the contrary, when you purchase ten single units at ten different locations you will have to do quite a bit of running around to look after each property. Naturally, it will be a pretty tiresome job. Moreover, by investing in multi-units, you will find all your tenants at one place. You don’t have to move frequently from here to there to answer all your tenants’ requests.


So, if you are a smart real estate investor, invest in multi-units and make them part of your investment portfolio.
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