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By Glen Andrews

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Did you know that Landlords and Property owners are sued more than any other entity


We now live in a society where people don’t think twice about suing each other over Non-sense like… spilling a HOT cup of coffee in their OWN lap and blaming the business for their misfortune. What about the OBESE lady suing fast food restaurants because she can’t stop HERSELF from stuffing crap down her face


We are now in a society that doesn’t want to take responsibility for where they are in there own lives. It’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault.


As a business owner and entrepreneur I hear too many sob stories from other people as to why it’s never their fault and why it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. It’s easy to blame others for your own circumstances in which you’ve placed YOURSELF… good or bad.


Like your tenant’s who can never pay on time because hisher boss wouldn’t allow them enough overtime. Or the tenant who can’t make this month’s rent because heshe over spent on Christmas gifts. (I’ve heard this one several times)


It’s sad to see that these same people seem to have enough money to buy cigarettes, booze and eat out three times a week but when it comes time to pay the rent it’s NOT MY FAULT.


We as landlords and business owners need to be-aware of this sue happy society. We need to take precautions to protect ourselves and our portfolios from these…show me the easy money mongers and their money hungry attorneys.


By the way have you ever heard the joke about the Attorney That’s right, because there are NO Jokes…there all TRUE! LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself..


That’s why you must place every property you purchase into a Land Trust.


A Land Trust protects your identity from prying eyes. Putting your properties into a Land Trust is your first line of defense against predators.


Here are some of the benefits…


1 – Your name is never on title.

2 – Easy to change the beneficiaries.

3 – Anyone wanting to know who the owners are must have a court order.

4 – Attorney’s looking for easy prey will soon discover that you own nothing if your properties are in a Land Trust.

5 – It’s very easy to place properties into a Land Trust.
(Your Attorney or Title Company can do it for you.)

6 – Nobody will ever know how many properties you own.

7 – You can change the beneficiaries at any time and it’s easy to do.

8 – Helps avoid probate if something was to happen to you.


You should never buy properties in your own name if you are it’s only a matter of time until our sue happy society comes looking for some EASY money. If it happens to you DON’T blame me… because it’s NOT MY FAULT.


Glen Andrews is a Speaker, Author and Marketing Coach to students around the world. Visit


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